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Turnkey system delivers for Molex

Injection World - April 2013

Molex Ireland turned to Sumitomo Demag’s project management team to develop the production system for this new two-shot connector for pump maker Grundfos


Turnkey system delivers for Molex

BMC – a high tech moulding option

Injection World - Nevember/December 2012

Circuit breakers provide a critical safety role, preventing electrical fires and protecting electrical cables against damage caused by overloading or short-circuits in buildings as well as industrial applications such as machine switchgear cabinets. The highest safety standards are required in design and production to ensure the devices perform with reliability.


Turbo Technology for Injection and Ejection

Kunststoffe international - 9/2012

Working closely with a valve specialist, an injection molding machine manufacturer has optimized the machine axes of its high-speed series and translated the specifications into a piston geometry.


Top tips for optical moulding

Injection World - September 2012

Production of optical parts is a challenging task. Thomas Brettnich explains the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


The Ultimate in Precision

Kunststoffe international - 3/2012

Process reproducibility. As there is no way to directly influence the closing of conventional non-return valves in all-electric injection molding machines for high-precision parts, this represents a potential weak point with regard to process reproducibility. This problem can be eliminated with a development which is thus far unique in the European market: a switchable non-return valve.


Forteq counts on precision

European Plastics News - February 2012

Injection moulder Forteq needs very low variation in the inhaler parts it makes, so has carried out comparative tests on hydraulic, hybrid and all-electric machines.


Think Tank Advocates - Renewable Plastic

bioplastics - May/June 2011

With a cremation urn made from the thermoplastic biomaterial ARBOFORM Alento AG of Widnau, Switzerland, has developed a product made from renewable plastic. The search for a reliable injection moulding process for biodegradable ‘liquid wood’ was undertaken in close cooperation with Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH, of Schwaig, Germany.


Precise Machines with Double Benefit

Kunststoffe international - June 2011

Energy Saving. All-electric injection molding machines are particularly suited for the production of precision components. In terms of hard cash, plastics processors also benefit from their extraordinary values of specific power consumption. Users must consider certain differences, though.


Reliable Process for Liquid Wood Products

Kunststoffe international - May 2011

With a burial urn made from the thermoplastically moldable biomaterial Arboform, Alento AG has developed a product made from a renewable raw material. The company has taken the route to a reliable injection molding process for this ephemeral "liquid wood" in close cooperation with a machine manufacturer.


All-electric as a competitive edge

INJECT - February 2011

The IntElect in operation at the Fischer company in Sinsheim / Germany convinces by providing higher levels of process reliability, enhanced ergonomics, and lower energy consumption.


Pushing up production efficiency

INJECTION WORLD - November 2010

When it comes to volume production, the issue of efficiency plays a central role. Efficient injection moulding machines require an energy efficient design. However, efficiency is not only dependent on the energy consumption of the machines.


Playing with Light

Kunststoffe international - June 2010

The optical properties of a part can generally be attributed to its geometry and material. A joint company project shed light on how the properties are influenced by the plant concept, process and processing parameters.


Dr. Tetsuya Okamura: Leveraging Strengths

Plastics INNOVATIONS - Oktober 2008

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag merger, that marriage of giants, has created the first truly globally operating injection molding equipment maker. With a market share of some 12 %, the company has the critical mass needed to expand and provide effective customer service worldwide.


How IML "Cuts the Mustard" in Germany

Plastics Technology - September 2008

The lightweighting advantages of in-mould labeling in times of soaring resin costs are highlighted by the experience of Germany's largest mustard maker. Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH of Unterhaching/Munich wanted to update its container with a handy yogurt-style cup design.


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